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Event Pictures

Neshaminy Mall KidLit Authors Club signing

YA-Palooza at The Clinton Book Shop

L to R: Natalie Zaman, Kristi Cook, Amy Holder, Kathy McCullough, Charlotte Benardo, Alissa Grosso

YA-Palooza poster!

Alissa Grosso & Amy Holder

Keri Mikulski & Amy Holder

Neshaminy Mall Barnes & Noble event
Front Row L to R: Alissa Grosso, Amy Holder, Jennifer R. Hubbard, Keri Mikulski
Back Row L to R: Cyn Balog, Ellen Jensen Abbott, Cynthia Chapman Willis

Authors Alissa Grosso, Keri Mikulski, Amy Holder (me!), Ellen Jensen Abbott and Cyn Balog at the Collingswood Book Festival

Authors Cyn Balog, Alissa Grosso, Ellen Jensen Abbott, Jennifer R. Hubbard, and Amy Holder (me!) at the Doylestown Bookshop

Warwick Book Festival

Authors Wendy Mass, Ellen Jensen Abbott, Irene Breznak, Margie Gelbwasser, Alison Ashley Formento, Amy Holder (me!), Alissa Grosso at the Warwick Book Festival

Amy Holder (me!) and Jessica Corra at the PAYA Festival

KidLit Authors Club signing with Irene Breznak, Amy Holder (me!), Cyn Balog, Alissa Grosso & Cynthia Chapman Willis at the Stroudsburg, PA Barnes & Noble

With Lauren from Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf at Barnes & Noble in Stroudsburg, PA

Class of 2k11 author panel at Books of Wonder, NYC. L to R: Bettina Restrepo, Amy Holder (me!), Alissa Grosso, Angie Smibert, Geoff Herbach, Christina Mandelski, Kiki Hamilton, and Amy Dominy

With a great group of students at Books of Wonder, NYC

Class of 2k11 event at Voracious Reader, Larchmont NY

Authors Alissa Grosso, Amy Holder (me!), Gae Polisner, Geoff Herbach, and Angie Smibert at Voracious Reader